tsmithjohnson (tsmithjohnson) wrote,

THE HUMANIST REPORT: Republican Snowflakes Keep Throwing Tantrums in Public

Published on Mar 23, 2017

Republicans are beginning to realize that governing requires more than just talking out of their asses. And while they may be an effective opposition party, when it comes to governing, they have no clue what they’re doing. When confronted by reporters and constituents at Town Halls, they are voicing their disapproval of the accountability that comes along with being in power, and these snowflakes have now resorted to throwing tantrums in public when facing even the smallest amount of scrutiny.

Republican Has a Meltdown at Town Hall: http://fusion.net/story/391825/joe-ba...

Tags: 2011-2019, african history/culture, american history/culture, black american history/culture, civil rights issues, crime/justice dept., international/world news, naacp, political news, texas history/culture

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