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Wolf Moon

A lot of Native American tribes attribute natural wisdom, as well as a phenomenon to the personality of each month.

These nature – savvy people have observed the key occurrences within their environment to give them a grasp on the

flavor of the season
or month.

Northeastern tribes like the Iroquois and Algonquin dubbed the month of January as the

WOLF Moon month (or the Cold moon month). The reason for this is because wolves

experience a high point in their behavior this time of the year. In that area, wolves endure some of the most brutally

chilling conditions of the year in January. For a lot of wild creatures, the frigid conditions

can be merciless and maintain their wellbeing is a daily struggle.

However, wolves are an opportunistic clan.Some other creatures that fall victim to

winter’s clutches are easy picking for a wolfy lunch. When such gray, as well as cold days of January, get you down,

invoke the wolf
Image result for wolves howling at moonas a totem of superiority, as well as a victory over the battle chill. Let your rebel yell

serve as notice that
you are here. Image result for wolves howling at moon You are noble, and you are also fully able to conquer

Image result for wolves howling at moon

anything, no matter what perceived avalanche might be in your way this January.


This is a flower that has a long symbolic history of representing remembrance, innocence, as well as faith and

In Christian myth and legend, sometimes the carnation

is referred to as “the rejoicing flower,” as old rumor holds the carnation was first seen on earth at the time of the birth of Christ. The word comes from the Latin that means “flesh.” This ties in with the body of Christ made manifest on this planet and births a whole

realm of symbolic meanings such as blooming consciousness,
unfolding the petals of

potential in this physical form,
as well as breathing new life into the world, germinating a

Image result for carnation flowersense of love and compassion.

The carnation has also been around for more than 2000 years. It has also been used to lift one’s spirits in

homeopathic/medical circles.
Image result for carnation flowerGive it a try yourself. If January chill gives you the blues,

snatch up a bouquet of carnations from your local florist. They are also relatively inexpensive and guaranteed

Image result for carnation flower

to light your spirits on the most gloomy winter day.


January 2018

We hope that you have enjoyed these highlights regarding the meaning and symbolism of January. It is not the

easiest of months to endure, but with such soulful reminders, you can keep your bearing through the storms of life

this month. Remember that light always shines the brightest when we keep if focused in our sight.

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