tsmithjohnson (tsmithjohnson) wrote,

Air Force General Gives A POWERFUL Speech Against Trump-Supporting Cadets, "RACISTS Need to Get Out"

You won't be able to STOP WATCHING this EPIC Speech. DEMs want him in 2020! General Silveria of the U.S. Air Force Academy gives a powerful address with every Cadet and every Staff member of the USAF Academy Standing at Attention. This General shows strong leadership to get his troops back in line after racial slurs were found on a message board in the dormitory.

Tags: #austintexas, #barackobama, #texas, #trumpliesmatter, 1920-1929, 1930-1939, 1940-1949, 1950-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1979, 1980-1989, 1990-1999, 2000-2010, 2011-2019, american history/culture, austintexas, black american history/culture, civil rights issues, crime/justice dept., education-teachers issues, international/world news, msnbc-cnn cable news, naacp, political news, texas history/culture

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