tsmithjohnson (tsmithjohnson) wrote,

THE LAST WORD: LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: 'Stunned' By John Kelly's Attack On Rep. Frederica Wilson

While defending President Donald Trump's "brave" condolence call to a Gold Star family, Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly attacked Rep. Frederica Wilson, calling her an "empty barrel." Lawrence O'Donnell explains why Kelly was noble and cruel all at once.

Tags: #african history/culture, #attorney general, #austintexas, #congress, #headlines, #nflplayers, #potus, #trumpliesmatter, 2000-2010, 2011-2019, african history/culture, american history/culture, black american history/culture, civil rights issues, crime/justice dept., international/world news, msnbc-cnn cable news, naacp, president barack & michelle obama, texas history/culture

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