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1. | Hustle & Soul | WE tv:  Is Lawrence Keeping Thandi Around for a Hookup?

Sana has a hard time coming back to the Pink Tea Cup after Lawrence rehires Thandi, but at the end of the day, it’s all about making those coins. Candice concludes that Lawrence would only keep a liability, Thandi, around because they're sleeping together.

2. | Hustle & Soul | WE tv:  Do I Still Have A Job?

Thandi causes a scene in the middle of the restaurant after Lawrence hires another bar manager.

3.  Hustle & Soul | WE tv:  Thandi's Pregnant?!

Ana heard that Thandi was pregnant with Lawrence's baby and she wants answers.

4.  Hustle & Soul | WE tv:  It's Getting Hot in Here!

When Ana finds out that Lawrence bought Thandi's apartment, things get heated!

5.  Hustle & Soul | WE tv:  The Twins Plan a Parent Trap!

The twins are scheming a plan to get Candice back to the Pink Tea Cup, but their story might take a left turn!

6.  Hustle & Soul | WE tv:  'Too Many Cooks In the Kitchen' Sneak Peek

Cola has to take over the bar, Ana's back trying to take Thandi's position, then Ana goes after Candice. With all these ladies fighting for Lawrence, how is he suppose to run a business?

7.  Hustle & Soul | WE tv:  Will Candice Come Back?

Candice sits down with Lawrence to discuss her returning to the Pink Tea Cup after her dramatic exit.


Hustle & Soul Review

Part 1 Season 2

TheRealEve Jeanette

I'm reviewing 'Hustle & Soul' season 2 episode 1 my camera cut off on me so I had to make two parts make sure you check both of those out and make sure you check out Hustle & Soul my first time reviewing so please forgive the craziness and Subscribe!! Thank You!!

Hustle and Soul Review-Part 2

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